Exclusive September Offer - FREE UPGRADE

8-36 weeks only

Save up to $35 with this exclusive offer!  Schedule a sweet peek of your little miracle during the month of September and be upgraded to the next tier package for FREE!  For instance, when you pay for Gender Determination Package 2, you will be upgraded to Gender Determination Package 3 at no additional cost!  Or when pay for 3D/4D HD Live Package 1 you'll get upgraded to 3D/4D HD Live Package 2 for free!  This offer is valid for ALL of our full price packages.  Use Offer Code:  UPGRADE when you schedule online or give us a call at 443-961-3385 to schedule your sweet peek today! 

*When booking online, please be sure to schedule the actual package you want to receive, not the cheaper package you are paying for.  This will help us to ensure we have enough time alloted for your appointment.  

 *This offer cannot be combined with other specials, vouchers, or discounts. 

 Gender Determination as Early as 15 Weeks!